Transforming the mundane into the sacred through breath.

BreathTrance is usually done in a small group although private sessions can be arranged if preferred. Evocative music is played in a comfortable sacred atmosphere where you are safe to explore the inner workings of your psyche, your early conditioning, your emotional realm and your physical and spiritual well being.

BreathTrance is hard to explain with words. It’s best understood through direct experience. Join us for a session and all will be revealed.

For further exploration and information on BreathTrance, we invite you to read and download Stacey’s BreathTrance Explanation.

Upcoming BreathTrance Sessions

Stacey offers regular sessions in Bozeman – we'd love to have you!

Diving Deeper

What is BreathTrance?

BreathTrance is called many things. Conscious connected breathing, breathwork, shamanic breathing, breath of bliss, rebirthing. Feel free to do research on these, and be sure to check out Stanislaus-Grof and the Grof Institute for more. 

Why do we do this in a group setting rather than individually?

The collective experience creates momentum for your individual experience. We also create community and connection through vulnerability as we do breath-trance together. 

Where did BreathTrance originate?

BreathTrance is an ancient tool used by healers for thousands of years as a tool for releasing stress, experiencing wholeness, and understanding the human condition.

It is a numinous experience. By breathing in a circular, deep pattern you will enter the realm of your subconscious mind, opening up non-ordinary states of consciousness that heal the soul, purify the body, and integrate understanding.

Listen to Stacey's BreathTrance playlists at home.