Ignite inner-knowing in service to personal & collective wholeness.

All humans need connection. People have basic needs such as food, water, shelter, etc. Among those basic needs is also one we don’t talk about very much: connection.

In order to feel connected, vulnerability must be present. When we (wrongly) learn that vulnerability is weakness, we isolate, armor up, and become rigid in our thinking. Then, it’s nearly impossible to meet the need for connection.

As the heart awakens, the mind calms. Connection becomes possible. The central nervous system relaxes. Moments of peace infiltrate our otherwise anxious and overstimulated, possibly depressed or deflated inner system.

With group sessions, you’ll expand possibilities, and respond to the longing for meaningful connection with others. The life force becomes ignited when one is seen, heard, and celebrated by a community of people who are willing and courageous enough to be vulnerable alongside you.

With group BreathTrance sessions, you’ll feel the cosmic pull of meaningful connection to your community, the earth, your physical body, and the magic that is all around you. You’ll find your calling, your longing, and your place of belonging.

We offer experiential learning, growing and heart-centered expansion through group coaching, BreathTrance, retreats and Kambo.



BreathTrance is known by many names. Conscious connected breathing, shamanic breath, breath of bliss, rebirthing. Feel free to do research on these, and be sure to check out Stanislaus-Grof and the Grof Institute.

Group Coaching

Group work is an affordable opportunity to break through to a new vista, in the company of others.   You will be seen, heard, supported, and encouraged to discover your own clarity and a newfound sense of empowered momentum.


Over the course of several days, you will feel powerful shifts as you tenderly welcome your authentic self back home.


Kambo (frog) sessions make the mind still and allows one to think clearly. The small things that bother us in our day to day life does not seem to be as significant following a Kambo session, allowing one to focus on the things that truly matter.

Do you want to see how good this one wild and precious life can get?

Let's do it.