Upcoming BreathTrance Workshops

Upcoming BreathTrance Workshops

Join us for an experience of healing, growth, purification, and meaningful expansion.

We will meet at 6 PM (MST) at Emergence: 521 East Peach Street in Bozeman.

Please bring all the items you’ll need, such as a comfy mat, blanket, small pillow, eye mask, lip balm, water bottle, journal and pen, sacred objects, open mind and heart…

Feel free to text Stacey if you’re lost or late: 406-570-1304.

For PayPal please use my phone or email address and use friend and family option. I look forward to being with you in this powerful and special way.

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August 16*, September 13 and October 11 | 6:00-9:00 PM MST


Emergence (Yogamotion) at 521 E. Peach St. in Bozeman

*These sessions will be held at Wild Wisdom Collective (7 South Tracy Ave.)


$45 for in-person / $29 for virtual sessions | Please pay Stacey via Venmo or PayPal @staceytompkins