Kambo derives from the secretion of the Amazonian giant waxy tree frog Phyllomedusa Bicolor.

The secretion is comprised of a unique complex cocktail of bioactive peptides that produce amazing benefits for body and mind. Italian pharmacologist Vittorio Erspamer of the University of Rome was nominated twice for the Nobel Prize and is considered to be the first scientist to analyze Kambo in the laboratory concluding that Kambo contains a“​fantastic chemical cocktail with potential medical applications unmatched by any other amphibian.”

The benefits of Kambo stem from the bioactive peptides and neuropeptides found in the Kambo secretion. The bioactive peptides found in Kambo exert a positive effect in humans due to their health-promoting properties. They can exert several beneficial effects like preventing diseases or modulating the physiological systems once they are absorbed in the human body. These peptides perform a broad range of functions that can be involved in the gastrointestinal system such as the anti-obesity and satiety peptides, the cardiovascular system such as anti-hypertensive, anti-thrombotic, and hypo-cholesterol peptides, the immune system such as anti-microbial, and immune-modulatory peptides, and the nervous system such as opioid peptides.

Tribes of the Amazon often refer to Kambo as “Hunting Magic” as it strengthens the physical body as well as the mind. Kambo brings energy and stamina into the body and sharpens the senses. It makes the mind still and allows one to think clearly. The small things that bother us in our day to day life does not seem to be as significant following a Kambo session, allowing one to focus on the things that truly matter.

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Bring 1 liter of water with you. Smart water is preferred or water with electrolytes added to it but is not mandatory.  We will have some tea and honey afterwards.  This will help with the restoration of the electrolyte balance following the session. Also coconut water is great if you would like to bring some with you.

Things that should be avoided before Kambo

Things that should be avoided before Kambo. 

Please read carefully. Mixing Kambo with any of the following could be extremely Dangerous!

  • Immune suppressants for autoimmune disorders.
  • Slimming or sleeping supplements (including melatonin)
  • Alcohol or drugs 24 hours before and after
  • Do not fast 7 days before or after Kambo
  • Colonics, enemas, liver flushes or any water based detox should be avoided within 3 days either side of taking Kambo


Kambo is very safe when given by a properly trained practitioner. There are some conditions for which Kambo is contraindicated. You should absolutely not participate in a Kambo treatment if any of the following apply.

  • Have serious heart problems.
  • Have Elhers Danlos
  • Are on medication for low blood pressure.
      • Have had a stroke.
      • Have had a brain hemorrhage.
      • Have an aneurism or blood clots.
      • Lack the mental capacity to make the decision to take Kambo.
      • Have serious mental health problems excluding depression, PTSD and anxiety.
      • Are undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy or for 4 weeks afterwards.
      • Take immune-suppressants for organ transplant.
      • Have Addison’s Disease
      • Have current and severe Epilepsy
      • Are recovering from a major surgical procedure
      • Are under 18 years old
      • Have undergone a Bufo Alvarius (Toad) ceremony in the past 6 weeks 
      • Are pregnant or might be so, or are breast-feeding a child under 6 months old

Uses of Kambo

People turn to Kambo for a myriad of different uses from physical to psychological.  Although Kambo is not considered a medicine in the western sense of the word, many people have found relief from physical ailments.   Kambo has analgesic properties that have the potential to provide pain relief up to 40 times stronger than morphine without the addictive high that comes from opiates.  Many people that suffer from autoimmune diseases such as Lyme Disease or Lupus have found incredible benefits from Kambo aiding in relief of their symptoms and putting life back into their bodies and physiological systems. On a psychological level, Kambo has shown incredible attributes in aiding people with depression, anxiety and PTSD.  The chemical makeup of Kambo appears to specifically be designed to strengthen the mind and bodies of the human species.

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Client Perspectives

Stacey’s presence exudes safety. She has been a landing pad for all that I hold, meeting me without judgement or expectation.

Stacey’s offerings have been moments and experiences of tangible growth for my personal journey and I often describe them as life changing.

Inner View touched me with such healing and I left changed; equipped with powerful tools to take with me as I continue on my healing process, diving deeper into self.

I’ve been empowered and am so grateful to get to participate in all that she offers.

I will never wish I hadn’t invested in myself in such a powerful way, rather, only wishing I had found her and these offerings sooner!


I strongly believe these medicines and ceremonies carry the seeds for an awakened society. The space that Stacey holds is strong, unwavering, mystical and grounded. The facilitation that Stacey provided felt like both a deep remembering and a prediction of the future, a foretelling of what mental health care could look like.

Ceremony Participant -- S.L.