Meet Chuck Wayland, LCSW, ACHT

Therapist, teacher, healer, life-long student

Chuck has been working in the mental health field for almost 25 years. While he continues to see clients individually in his Missoula office and online as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, his real passion is taking part in and facilitating transformational group work through experiential modalities and breathwork. He holds a Transpersonal Life Coaching Certification from the Wellness Institute in Graham, WA. Even while mountain biking, he eagerly geeks out on books and podcasts from the likes of Joe Dispenza, Gabor Mate, and psychonauts like Stan Groff, that explain the science and application of new techniques to foster personal growth and transformational healing at the subconscious level. He blends didactic, experiential, mindfulness and transpersonal approaches to support shifts in subconscious patterns away from old stories and traumas in order to embrace new beliefs and behaviors that support long-term growth and unfolding of potential. Sounds like serious business, but he finds ways to make the work both approachable, engaging, and fun, because what else is hugging a teddy bear while crying and bashing to release anger, really? Gotta feel it to heal it!

Chuck and his wife Laurie live in the Rattlesnake neighborhood of Missoula and have two teen age boys, Spencer and Levi, and a one-eyed retired cow dog named, Nova. He loves riding out the door and onto the local trails for some fast mountain biking. He continues his endless personal growth through regular practice of meditation, yoga, breathwork and kirtan chanting. He enjoys banging on any kind of drum, travel, fishing, birding, cooking, and playing basketball with his boys.

Personal Statement: I am so happy and blessed to be doing work that I love; that feeds a part of me that is ever growing into the essence of what I am meant to be. I haven’t always known that I was on such a path. Early on, I preferred not to acknowledge that I had any problems. Worse was the belief that I could fix my own flaws by helping others heal theirs. Yes, I was a caretaker and peace keeper, and it was not an effective way to grow. As I have opened through the years to a deeper exploration of my self-imposed limitations, I have come to embrace a view of myself as ever expanding and unlimited in potential. Now I actually look forward to the challenge, discomforts and eventual delights along the path of self-discovery and spiritual growth. With great humility I offer deep gratitude to all of my teachers who saw something in me that was blossoming long before I did.

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