Meet Stacey Tompkins

Integral Coach and Spiritual Guide

Stacey is a facilitator of meaningful, impactful and sometimes intense group experiences. She works in a variety of ways, all which include authenticity, honesty, vulnerability and fierce love. She is most alive when the mystery of our world meets the tenderness of the human spirit. Dissociative states, or trance states, create powerful opportunities to explore the subconscious mind, and all of her work is in service of creating opportunities for these moments.

She has studied and worked with teachers from all over the world, and embodies an alchemy of modalities, such as BreathTrance, Groups and Retreats.

She has been referred to as a Holy Woman, Curandera, Medicine Woman, Healer and Elder.

Stacey loves working with people, and holds in highest esteem the ability to laugh and be playful with the dark and shadowy parts that keep us scrambling, anxious and/or avoidant. She loves to hold the flashlight and accompany you into your most suppressed wounds, and those pesky dark inner caves, in service of your healing and development and expanded consciousness.

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek” is her motto, and she is fearless and skilled when it comes to spelunking the psyche.

She holds an MA in Clinical Psychology, and is Certified in Integral Coaching, Heart-Centered Breathwork, Psychodrama, and Kambo facilitation.

She has been married almost 30 years, to the best angler/hockey player she’s ever known, and has 2 daughters that keep her honest and bring the greatest source of love and gratitude to her life.

Her dogs, Roja and Pedrito are the second greatest sources of love.

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