Leaving the realm of the everyday, letting go of habitual patterns and entrenched ways of being, we step into a tremendous experience of possibility.

Retreats are simply the best. Getting out of town, being with the unknown, spending focused time on ourselves. Just this offers a new perspective. And then we do so much more!

Using many modalities to provide a fresh experience of ourselves, the facilitators offer the possibility of expansion, new understandings, the potential for forgiveness and the softening of our inner dialogue. Through this, we increase awareness and insight for patterned behaviors, welcoming new skills that offer freedom, growth and vistas that include beauty, gratitude and options.

Through community, sacred space, safe and loving experiences for peeling back the layers of conditioning, these retreats offer refreshing and powerful lasting understandings of each of our own early imprinted systems that are subconsciously rooted.

We have fun. We also get real, and brave, and curious and vulnerable. It’s awesome.

Our retreats are centered around hot springs and water, because water is the emotional realm, and knowing ourselves from this emotional domain allows us to create new patterns of response to our own experience, and this changes how we are in relationship to everything. If we can be kind to ourselves, we are much more likely to be kind to others. If we can offer ourselves forgiveness, we create the possibility for extending that grace to others.

The retreats we offer are truly magical, you will be so grateful you joined us.

Upcoming Retreats

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