Meet Kendyl Morris

Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, PTI-L, Cert. Integrative Medicine Health Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Breathwork Facilitator

Kendyl believes we are the microcosm to the macrocosm and that transformation starts from within. Real transformation. The kind we hope to see on a larger scale when so many shadows are currently on stage. But that which we see out there is also what is out of alignment internally. Kendyl’s work is around helping people witness and heal their own shadows with loving compassion so that they may be integrated, rather than projected. Using modalities and wisdom from multiple traditions, including the Quechua lineage, the Lakota lineage and Functional Medicine, she weaves together salves in collaboration with the client and their own individual needs. Whether done through health coaching (she’s most excited about a program called Conscious Conception that helps couples prepare mind, body, spirit before conception) holotropic breathwork, group journeys, or retreats, Kendyl is devoted to helping people integrate all of their shadows so as to shine more brightly in the web of life. The more we can awaken to our light, the more others will awaken to theirs, and eventually the microcosm becomes the macrocosm we dream of.

We cannot help others heal in them what we haven’t healed in ourselves. Kendyl is committed to continued transformation and integration in her own life so she can show up as the brightest version of herself for her clients and the world. With 15 years of personal therapy under her belt, she knows what it’s like to feel the ache of a pattern so deep in the belly it hurts, but the fear of what life would be like without it. She’s continually walking the path, and has much experience working with anxiety and depression, both personally and with her clients. At 18, she ventured to the Andes of Peru and sat with sacred aya for her first time, forever feeling connected to source since then. At 21 she became a certified hypnotherapist, learning to work with her anxiety in a different and more functional way. At 23, she became an advanced clinical hypnotherapist AND she ended a toxic marriage, finding her courage and keeping it close since. At 24, she had the honor of participating in a Lakota vision quest, another experience that informs much of her work. As one Doctor and friend said of her, “she knows how to take people into the dark because she’s been there and come back from it.” We all have darkness, it’s a matter of not letting it dim your light. And to do that, we must meet it. Hear it. Love it. Heal it.

Now, she’s happily married to the sweetest Argentinian known to earth, has a bright-eyed and devoted Australian labradoodle named Nova, and currently resides in south Florida surrounded by palm trees and ocean. Her roots are in Western Washington, where she, Damián, and Nova spend much of their time with their family and community. In addition to her private practice, she’s the Wellness Director at a software company, where she introduced a corporate wellness program around mindfulness, fitness, and nutrition. She was selected to speak in the 2022 Mindful Leader conference to present a case study on this program, which resulted in 78% of employees (72% total company participation) reporting that they were less stressed because of learning mindfulness, 37% of employees losing weight, and 10% going off one or more pharmaceuticals.

Connect with Kendyl

tel: 425-999-9726 | email: [email protected]