Backpacking Adventure Retreat

August 19-23, 2021

A 5-day backpacking journey through rugged Montana wilderness.

“Into the woods I go, to lose my mind and find my soul” John Muir.

We will backpack on The Beaten Path, heading up to the plateau where we will set up camp and day hike to high mountain lakes. A special ceremony, along with lake swimming, berry picking and communing with the epic beauty of the natural world will be on the agenda.

This will be our 4th annual trip and we will be crossing paths with a men’s group heading the other direction, and we will commune, learn, grow and explore the intersection of the divine masculine and divine feminine.

This will be so good. Look for more details coming late Spring.

Knowing, accepting and working with your physical, emotional, spiritual and cognitive strengths as well as your deficits, will guide you toward the needed balance.

We will uncover, examine, and lovingly tend to the parts of ourselves that may be hidden, denied, disavowed or exiled. We will welcome ourselves home to ourselves by working together, exploring, and challenging ourselves in the wilderness. Eating, playing, and being astonished by the inner landscapes as they are mirrored to us by the incredible and pristine outer landscapes.

Registration not yet available.

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August 19-23, 2021


Start either near Cooke City or Red Lodge, MT