Awakening Women Retreat | Whidbey Island

*RETREAT CANCELLED* June 5-7, 2020

When women come together with the intention of integrating, healing, connecting and learning...

Well, you can be sure there will be transformations and leaps of consciousness unfolding.

We join to witness and expand our mindset by simply making time and space for remembering ourselves, honoring all the parts of us, even and especially the ignored shadowy parts. We do this in sacred, unpretentious and down to earth spaces, surrounded by Pachamama and all her bounty, beauty and powerful holding.

Here is where personal and collective treasures are found.

We connect to our inner knowing, hearing clearly the whispered messages, all the while supporting each other in the pursuit of trust, belonging, speaking truth, and honoring and celebrating our gifts.

And yes, also our wounds.

The wounds become the gifts when each of us can release the shame and be with what is true, what we’ve learned through our human experience. We find humility, compassion, and connection.

Was fear passed down to you by a caregiver?
Were you trained to please others and abandon your needs, wants, dreams?
Did you learn to survive and/or feel safe (enough) by becoming a master at disappearing?
Is your inner critic the loudest voice you hear, unrelenting and cruel?

All of these things are born of imprinting/conditioning that is an inevitable part of growing up in this world. We survive and manage with our hard learned coping mechanisms and then, over time, those same coping mechanisms become personal prisons.
Does this sound accurate in your experience?

We can integrate the wounds and transform them into strength, power, connection.

Emotionally. Spiritually. Physically. Cognitively.

Cancellation Policy

A 20% non-refundable deposit is required for registration. Registration is due in full by May 8. If you cancel 2 weeks before the event, you will receive half of the fee back; less than one week before, and you will forfeit the entire fee (unless we can fill your space).


Your Awakened Heart Leaders for this Retreat

Stacey Tompkins
Anna Ourusoff


10 AM on June 5 –  June 7 at 3 PM


Whidbey Island, WA (at an AirBnb on Holmes Harbor)