Ceremony Participant — S.L.

I strongly believe these medicines and ceremonies carry the seeds for an awakened society. The space that Stacey holds is strong, unwavering, mystical and grounded. The facilitation that Stacey provided felt like both a deep remembering and a prediction of the future, a foretelling of what mental health care could look like.

What is it like:

Warm, tender, bathed in a geometric, rainbow shower of unconditonal loving light. Floating in a sea of love, acceptance, release, surrender, a deep feeling of home and unshakeable knowing that nothing is wrong and everything is exactly as it should be.

It is also…

Raw, wild, free, humbling, confusing, amazing, intense, cathartic, disorienting, ego shattering and perspective changing.

This experience requires taking full responsibility for all of my actions, past and present. When I resist this, it is harder for me. When I lean into fear, allow it to be, and surrender to the process, it’s easier.

How have I carried it forward in my life?

The sensations and images that came to me during the ceremony have given me insight into old patterns and tensions I have been carrying. The ceremony gave my clarity to what different areas of my body were telling me and what emotions were being stored there. Since the ceremony, I have had more perspective and space from the unconscious, self sabotoging part of myself that strives to hijak my consciousness.

“I choose…” is the main reflection that I’ve been carrying forward since that day. My ability to choose, whether it’s choosing to be joyful or choosing to love myself unconditionally, I know it is up to me and it is in my power to do so.