During the course of our life, we come to house an inner critic.

This is inevitable. We all have one. The voice points out our flaws, imperfections, failures, and how we are inadequate. The voice focuses on the negative. The voice echoes the conclusions we drew about ourselves, about life, about others, at early stages in our childhood.

This voice may be well meaning, but often it drowns out our own knowing, our own thread that leads to our own path that determines our particular life course.
Work with a coach to experience an objective and loving ear, an insightful and caring counselor, and share with a person who has no agenda for you.

You know what is good and right for yourself, all it takes is discovering your own compass, your north star, your inner knowing. What a gift it is to find and welcome these tools, and then use them to make your way.

As we consider these early, often harsh conclusions, we can make a choice about what is true, and plant fresh seeds that will support our authentic path, our heart’s longing, our honest expression.

This is good work. It is meaningful and powerful work. The seeds take root and sprout, then flourish, inviting you to feel congruent with your soul.

Diving Deeper

What’s the difference between coaching and therapy?

Therapy is based on a clinical, Western model of healing. It involves diagnosing – and sometimes medicating. It works great for some people, but not for everybody. Coaching incorporates many models of integration and healing that come from all over the globe. It also involves more “homework.”

If I’m in a relationship but I come for coaching… am I saying “it’s all my fault”?

No. It means you are taking responsibility and deciding that regardless of what happens within the relationship, you want to grow. 

How long will it take you to “fix” me?

We don’t fix anyone. You fix yourself. We support you and offer you tools and experiences so you can know what you need and how to get it. Every person is different; there is no one tool that we give to everybody.