Meet Heather Baughman

Advanced Rolfer, Biodynamic Craniosacral Practitioner, Somatic Explorer, Earthkeeper, Guardian of the Sacred Yurt

Heather Baughman is a compassionate guide who teaches clients to access more vitality, awareness, coherence, and connection in their beings through somatic exploration. Her deep commitment to the study of the body’s intricate workings over the past sixteen years has enabled her to confidently assist people of all ages in aligning their physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies into a more harmonious state. Heather is an Advanced Rolfer® trained by the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute®, a Rolf Movement® practitioner, a graduate of the Osteopathic College of Ontario, a Level III Neurokinetic Therapy® practitioner, and a Biodynamic Craniosacral Practitioner trained by Michael Shea. She is also currently in the Somatic Experiencing® training, learning to work with trauma through somatic awareness as taught by Peter Levine.

Heather and her family live on 25 beautiful acres in Bozeman, Montana. With deep gratitude, she nurtures the land and all who come to this sacred place for healing. Her 27’ yurt on the property hosts many sacred ceremonies that she and countless others participate in and lead. Nico, her beloved five-year-old son, is her greatest companion and is a powerful earthkeeper, always eager to tend and bless the land they call home.

Heather loves working with anyone willing to welcome profound and lasting shifts and who are ready to delve into the rich complexities of their bodies to find hidden jewels only unearthed through somatic awareness. She believes the body is a beautiful teacher and a powerful portal for transformational awakened consciousness. In both ceremony and private sessions, Heather gracefully encourages individuals to access their innate wisdom of self-healing. She is a humble nurturer and trustworthy practitioner you will want to visit again and again!

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