Meet Anna Ourusoff

Yoga Mentor, Inner-Essence Coach, Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist, BreathTrance Facilitator, Earth Steward

Anna Ourusoff is long-time yoga instructor and mentor (Non-dual/Anusara Yoga), focusing on heart-centered hypnotherapy (The Wellness Institute), transformational life coaching and facilitating (Claire Zammit, Phd/ Evolving Wisdom LLC). She is a Brown University graduate, trilingual from an early age, an avid plants-woman, earth lover, spiritual feminist and mother of her 19-year-old daughter. Motherhood continues to bring her the highest joys, and the gifts of imperfection, humility, and surrender, inspiring her to embody and model a healthy, divine feminine.

Anna supports individuals who seek to remember the deepest truth of themselves and to awaken the joy and creativity of moving toward their potential. In a culture that promotes hyper individualism, isolation and shame are often invisible. Through her unique ability to name larger unseen and unspoken patterns, she helps her clients reclaim their direct connection to their source and to their belonging in the whole.

Anna’s mission is to help restore a state of unconditional love, joy, and creativity, one human being at a time, for the benefit of all.  In addition to coaching one on one, Anna leads group retreats, coaching circles and loves to collaborate with other facilitators. She continues to share the wisdom of yoga in classes, workshops and trainings.

Her offering is a convergence of spiritual wonder, grounded truth, depth and humor.

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